Consolidated Loan for unemployed

Is the consolidated loan for the unemployed actually possible? Most consolidated loan companies require their clients to provide their employer’s name. And, most often, he asks you to enter the phone number for possible verification. As a person who does not receive his / her income from a full-time job, a potential client may have a problem with obtaining a consolidated loan in a parabank, not to mention traditional channels such as a bank. Concern for providing all the details of the employer, and the phone number to him, results from a fairly simple thing.

The chances that the client will pay the consolidated loan are much higher than in the opposite case – the client who does not have a job. The preferred form of employment for banks and companies of internet consolidated loan companies is a contract of employment. It is true that companies borrowing via the Internet do not have specific guidelines like banks, as to the length of employment, but the requirements for granting consolidated loans can well illustrate the situation. To apply for a consolidated loan from a bank, you must have worked on one contract at least: 3 months on the basis of a contract of employment, or 12 months on the basis of a contract for a specific task, or for your own business.

Why are banks and consolidated loan companies reluctant to give away unemployment benefits?

As much as four times the difference in the length of employment, does not result from the malice of banks to people working under the mandate contract. It has its quite logical basis and the use of the same model for many years, only confirms this thesis. Well, as in the case of the contract and contract for a cannon, we do not have a period of notice, and many other benefits that give a contract of employment. The head can send an employee who is working on the so-called unemployment day by day. “Junk agreement”, without giving a specific reason, and without any check-in. In the case of a contract of employment, before an employee goes into unemployment, he is entitled to several weeks’ notice, depending on the length of service.

It is similar in case of illness or accident. An employee can not count on receiving benefits and money for the period of illness. In the case of a contract of employment, he will receive remuneration even for the period when he was on dismissal. To sum up, banks and consolidated loan companies definitely prefer borrowing to people who have a certain contract, and a stable source of income.

What to do, however, if we do not have both? If you are an unemployed person with no contract, you may have a problem because companies providing quick consolidated loans over the Internet are very reluctant to provide consolidated loans for the unemployed. It depends mostly on their policy, on what clients they target with their services and what credit risk they can take. Fortunately, we provide quick consolidated loans via the Internet for the unemployed. The application can be submitted by going to the main page, selecting the appropriate amount of the consolidated loan and the repayment period. The last step is to complete a short consolidated loan application. We give the decision most often within 15 minutes, however a situation may arise when you have to wait a few hours.

What can help an unemployed person get a consolidated loan?

For the company providing consolidated loans for the unemployed, the most important is the income that a person receives every month. It is also very important that it is systematic, and preferably permanent. Acceptable sources of income include, among others, unemployment benefits, welfare benefits, income from renting apartments, etc. It will definitely be a plus to own your own property and car. And it is not for the purpose of taking a consolidated loan for them, it is about the security of the lender. If we have a property that can easily liquefy in the event of problems with repayment of the consolidated loan, our chance of online credit increases. Another thing, though not as obvious as the previous point, is being in a permanent marriage.

The lenders consider a person who is a regular partner more responsible. In addition, if something happens, then the life partner will be able to help the spouse pay their debts and go straight. The next point is to have other credit obligations. And it’s not just about consolidated loans, consolidated loans or payday consolidated loans. It’s less obvious to have credit cards. Even if we do not use them and yet they remain active, they are treated as potential debt, because we can use them at any moment. Therefore, if we have credit cards, but we do not use them actively, it is worth closing them, thanks to this we will increase your chance for a consolidated loan.

What else will help increase your creditworthiness?

In addition to credit cards and history at BIK, the age of the future client also counts for the lender. consolidated loan companies are most willing to lend to people in their prime, who still have some retirement, but have already grown from youthful impetuses. This is most often between 30 and 55 years of age. At that time, the most people work and lead an active professional life. It is difficult for a person who is 19, 19, or 20 to find a consolidated loan over the internet, he knows who tried it. Companies prefer not to lend money to such people, because they usually have no history in BIK, and a stable source of income. In addition, at this age most mistakes are made many times because we have the opportunity to deal with consolidated loans and consolidated loans for the first time. This lack of experience may result in errors that the borrower and the consolidated loan company would prefer to avoid.

Is taking out consolidated loans by unemployed people a good choice?

Should unemployed people reach for financing outside bank consolidated loans? This is a complex question and you certainly can not answer ordinary or yes. For quick consolidated loans online, should not reach out to people who at the current budget are not able to “tie up” the home budget. The consolidated loan will have to be repaid for some time, and if we now have problems with obtaining liquidity in the home budget, what will happen, how will we add consolidated loan interest?

Of course, the solution is to spread the consolidated loan for repayment in installments. In the meantime, seeking employment, so that you can straighten all your commitments. If we lack money for current expenses, such as rent for a flat, food or bills, it is difficult to talk about not raising extra money. A good option may be to borrow the minimum amount that we will need to survive. Until we find a job and we do not receive the first payment. In such a case a consolidated loan in installments may be a good solution. Because even in the event of a delay, repayment will be more convenient and will come easier.

Borrow or not?

On the other hand, we certainly do not recommend taking out consolidated loans for unnecessary whims. Such as a new car, renovation of an apartment that is not necessary, or a new TV. Most often it is through such consumption that people get into debt and gain negative entries in BIK. In our opinion, it is not worth lending, if we do not intend to seek permanent employment in the near future. Because repayment can cause many problems in the future. However, we know that each case is different and you can not treat everyone equally. The decision to take out a consolidated loan belongs only to the client. It is for him to make the final decision whether he would like to take out a consolidated loan or not.