Corporate credit and advice: Our example for USD 100,000

A company in the field of heating installation and solar technology recently contacted us to get a corporate loan for USD 100,000 . In order to grant such a loan, detailed advice is first necessary. How does it work and what are the advantages of our agency for consumers? We have the explanations.

Neutral advice brings the best financing alternatives


A specialized financial agency offers neutral advice that takes various alternatives into account . Thanks to our agency’s advisory service, companies benefit from:

  • The expert knowledge of a financial specialist who knows the credit market very well and can therefore point out various alternatives.
  • Larger loan amounts than banks offer to companies when they ask them directly.
  • A minimum of administrative hurdles when requesting credit, since the dossier is managed by a specialist.
  • The ability to seek finance without traditional banking, which often brings more attractive interest rates.
  • A constant business relationship with your bank.

An example: Our advice for an SME loan of USD 100,000

An example: Our advice for an SME loan of USD 100,000

The company mentioned in the field of heating and photovoltaic installation was therefore interested in a loan of USD 100,000 to make various investments. So she quickly and easily made a loan request online on one of our pages dealing with SME loans. After an in-depth dossier study, our specialist was able to suggest the following offer:

  • Total of USD 100,000, repayable within 60 months (amortization period requested by the customer)
  • Interest rate of 5.8%, which only costs USD 1,917 / month , including amortization of the loan and interest payments.

For comparison: If a bank offers the same amount at the same term, but sets the interest rate 1% higher (namely at 6.8%), the total cost of the loan (interest) increases by USD 2,643!

Whom to contact

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In order to get the best possible advice, it is important to choose an experienced credit advisor who knows the credit market in Switzerland very well. As we have been specializing in this area for years, Prestaflex offers flexible solutions that adapt to the needs of every SME. In any case, you will receive a specialized and neutral advice, which has a suitable offer for the goal.