All the prizes new winner Chayce Beckham will get

Winning American Idol is a big deal, and those who win are rewarded with fame and lucrative prizes. Chayce Beckham just hit the jackpot.

Chayce Beckham just won American Idol 2021, and we’re about to share information on the awards it has received for beating its competition. After a 19-episode season and a national vote, Chayce Beckham, 24 came out on top. He was victorious in a showdown between him and finalist Willie Spence. Before his victory, Chayce told Willie, “I love you mate. I’m so grateful for the friendship and bond we have. It’s going to last forever, I already know that. Just before he performed his new single, “23,” sparks circled the stage and his name lit up.

In addition to the prestigious American Idol title, the winner also receives a recording contract with Hollywood Records. This label is the property of Disney. Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez are just a few of the talents this label has already signed. As for American Idol winners, season 18 winner Just Sam, season 17 winner Laine Hardy and season 17 runner-up Alejandro Aranda are signed to the label.

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With the registration agreement, winners receive approximately $ 250,000, according to Newsweek. The money is distributed in two installments. The first payment is issued when a winner signs their contract. The second payment is received after completing an album. Chayce will receive a budget of $ 300,000 to record the album. This amount must be repaid in the future. While a cash prize of $ 250,000 might seem like a big part of the change, some of that money has to go to entertainment professionals, such as managers and lawyers. Usually a winner will take home less than $ 200,000. However, Chayce is a machinery operator from the small town of Apple Valley, California, and the money he receives via American Idol will surely seem like a lot of money to him.

Before season 9, each American Idol the winner received $ 1 million and a major recording contract for up to six albums. They also received an advance of $ 250,000. Over time, this advance fell to $ 62,000. Names like Jordin Sparks, Carrie Underwood and Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson originally they took away tons of cash due to their massive follow-ups. However, there was a decline in popularity among the winners, so the grand prize was lowered.

The finalists and some finalists initially won record deals with major labels. However, starting in season 11, the runner-up became the only non-winning contender to sign with a record label. Throughout the series, record companies such as Sony, Universal Music Group, and Big Machine Records have signed artists.

The prizes awarded to the winners have decreased over the years but are still larger than those awarded to the winners of another singing competition, The voice. In addition to the UMG record contract and a trophy, The voice champions make $ 100,000, and that’s before entertainment companies get their share. While the two titles have cachet, American Idol gives winners more cash and hard cash.

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Source: Newsweek

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