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Gurgaon: The driver and assistant of a truck carrying goods from Amazon’s Gurgaon warehouse, an e-commerce company, in Mumbai were arrested for allegedly stealing electronic items worth Rs 52 lakh, including cell phones and watches.
The two men, according to police, had loaded the goods from Amazon’s warehouse in Bilaspur and left for Mumbai on the evening of August 27. They had unloaded some of the items before leaving Gurgaon, police added.
Police spokesman Subhash Boken said a case under Articles 407 (criminal breach of trust) and 34 (common intent) of the Indian Penal Code had been filed at Badhshahpur Police Station against the two men – both named Salman and residents of Bharatpur in Rajasthan, even as police tried to arrest the accused. Police are also trying to collect CCTV footage from the area where the items were allegedly unloaded from the truck.
Plaintiff Parag Aggarwal, the director of Caminos Logistic Solutions Private Ltd, which owns the vehicle, told police that after loading goods from Amazon’s warehouse in Bilaspur on August 27, the truck reached SPR Road near from Vatika Chowk to receive a cash advance for the trip. The money was handed over by an employee Mukesh Kumar Singh, who then left for Caminos head office at Magnom Towers in Sector 58 of Gurgaon. On his way home later that day, Singh had spotted the vehicle standing upright. nearby but had ignored him, ”Aggarwal mentioned.
After the truck reached Amazon’s warehouse in Mumbai on August 29, the e-commerce company alerted Caminos that goods, including cellphones, watches, headphones and clothing, valued at Rs 52 lakh were missing and Aggarwal filed a complaint against the driver of the truck and his assistant.
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